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New tile in kitchen renovation

last month

I am installing new cabinets in my kitchen. The tile was severely cracked and chipped in places so I think I need to go ahead an update that to. I have installed multiple tile backsplashs but never a floor.
I planned on putting the new cabinets onto the new tile floor. My questions/clarifications (please tell me if I am incorrect)
1. I have subfloor then I add the cement back board on top with special screws. Thinset goes underneath to attach the backer board to the subfloor. What thickness backerboard is recommended?
2. Do I need a waterproof barrier between the backerboard and the tile in the kitchen?
3. For the floor vent that has to be moved, are there anymore requirements other than it being a minimum of 4" from the wall?
4. What can I do to make the new tile and current hardwood closer to the same heighh to avoid the big difference I have with the current tiles. Its probably a 1/2in difference. There is a transition piece of wood but my toddler trips on this all the time so I want to lessen the difference if possible.
5. Is there a preferred grout for kitchen tiles thatnis easy to keep clean?
6. After I seal the floor do I need to reseal on a schedule?
Any walk-throughs wouldn't be minded. Thanks!

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