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Housing and rentals getting out of hand and definitely out of reach

last month

The rental market is horrific. Housing prices have skyrocketed so did the rents. Many, many people, developers are buying buildings to re-rent out at a higher price. This goes for houses too, buy a house, turn it into a duplex for instance.

Anyway, one-bedroom apartments are going for 1600+ which is crazy, and even crazier, some are not even offering a stove. They'll give you a countertop induction unit, and a microwave, or sometimes a countertop oven, like a Cuisinart or the French door Oster.

Can and would you rent without being able to have a stove?

I have a countertop oven Cuisinart that I use ALL the time, and I also have an induction burner which sits on my stove, and it gets used all the time, but I also have stove, so I can cook more than one thing on my burners.

I know I wouldn't be able to go without a full size stove and oven completely.

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