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A suggestion for testing tile for the kitchen backsplash

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A suggestion for those testing tiles. Use Alcolin Quake Putty you can buy on amazon. Place a blob on each corner of the tile, or more if the tile is larger, and press onto the wall. Once you get good at judging amount and pressure, you can put up a whole bunch of tiles to get a real feel for how the tiles look on the wall. The tiles will stay up for several hours. If you are going to be away from the tiles, place a towel, or something similar, on the counter. I've left tiles overnight and had one slide off the wall and the thick bubble wrap protected the counter and tile.

These are all stuck on with the Alcolin quake putty:

Tile: Soho Studio, Myorka White (Same as Tilebar Montauk Gin)

Testing different orientation:

Since this tile was not expensive I did buy a whole box to test, but I usually test as many sample pieces as I can get a hold of for any tile I am considering. The putty allows you to stick those few tiles in all different spots, like next to counter, up by hood, under upper cabinets, etc so you can see the tile next to all the elements and how lighting affects the tile.

I didn't go with this tile as it was too glossy for my space and caused glare due to 3 large windows. It did look amazing in other people's kitchens, which is why I tested a whole box.

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