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Are these colours too dark in the living room?

Shubhra Dixit
last month


My first time posting here, quite excited!


The living room has two (open) sections - one is the main area where an L-couch would go - dark teal, velvet. We have an off-white, solid carpet for under it. The second section is a fireplace (to the right of the main area), where I want 2 winged/armchairs. We have a light greyish, solid carpet for under that area.

I have taken a photo of a similar dark teal couch (the one we will get is custom made, so no exact photos). And I have placed photos of the exact chairs I want to place (in the fireplace section of the living room). The little coffee table is optional (not yet purchased, or even finalized).

Question: Does this look too dark? Does this look too matchy-matchy?

My husband is worried we might be making the furniture too dark, or too similar coloured. I am not worried about dark because there is a lot of light coming in from windows all around in the room. And I am not worried about similar colours because these are the favourite colours of both my husband and myself, and we are breaking the monotony with lighter carpets, and also the dining table and its chairs are white and pastel respectively.

Extra Context:

We are moving to a new house in a few days, and where I live, furniture takes forever to be delivered so we have to make orders in advance. Besides, there are some nice sales going on right now on things I have been adding to my cart for months, so I need to make some decisions without having all the rest of the pieces delivered already. Which means imagination is all we have!

I am attaching a photo of the space, but this photo has the furniture of the previous residents, and none of that will stay behind. Also, the current residents have placed their couch facing its back to the TV (i know right :)?) but we would make it face the tv (and lower the tv height).

Really looking forward to some advice from the community :)

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