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More on beach/lake house....

I've decided against it, at least for now. The market is insane. Even if we bought something and most likely overpaid for it, trying to get any work done on it with worker shortages and material shortages would be a royal pain. We're getting to that age where easy is where it's at and two homes is double the work. But of course that doesn't stop me from looking.

I came across a beach house that was weird in layout, but was on the water...a cove...was elevated some so no flood risk, had a dock, a boathouse, a 1/2 acre of land so you weren't cheek to cheek with your neighbors and the price was more reasonable. It happened to be one town over from GF's place so she did a drive-by for me and took pictures.

Guess what the on-line photos didn't show...the lovely view of the nuclear power plant across the way!

Not quite the zen experience I was hoping for....

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