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Bedrosians Cloe install problem

last month

I just got my Bedrosians Cloe tile installed and my concerns of lippage and the edging came true.

A lot of the tiles stick out but there is one that is the worst. It is at a light switch so the cover plate will not sit flat.

Should I ask it to be ripped out or just live with it?

Also I was worried about the schluter being miter cut at the corners and watched videos on how you can bend it instead. Our practice bend with my 18 yr old didn't go well so I let the installer cut it. He ended up making straight cuts and leaving gaps in between the two pieces saying he would just fill the missing area with grout.

At this point I ran upstairs, woke my 18 yr old up, and begged him to try to bend again. Luckily he's awesome with making things and was able to make all the corners which look great.

Now I just need to know what to do about the tile lippage before the installer comes to grout.

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