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Growing Succulents and Cacti with LED Grow Lights

KP Devlin
4 months ago

So for reasons not worth going into (ha) I am in a position where I need to grow my succulents and cacti in a room with very little natural light. I just picked up a couple of these fixtures at the suggestion of someone on a cannabis forum:

The plants occupy a space of 72" x 20" and consist of a few jades, a Euphorbia, a Pachypodium and a Pachycereus "totem pole cactus." The lights are hanging from about 18" above the tallest plants to 30" over the shortest.

I just checked PPFD readings with Photone and am getting readings anywhere from 280 up to 700, These seem high, don't they? What levels should I be aiming for with these particular plants?

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