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Multiple Rugs in one Area

Amanda W.
last month

Good morning! We are in the process of renovating our basement to include a play area, TV area, and dining area. It is one long rectangular room that I'd like to break up using area rugs. It has recently been carpeted (warm, soft for babies/kids, very uneven floor), and the white walls (SW Snowbound), black chalkboard wall, and black ceiling will be staying in order to load up the space with lotssss of colorful toys.

In the play area, we will be keeping a 4ft round alphabet rug. I'm not sure if I should include another neutral rug underneath.

In the TV area, two options I like are ONE and TWO.

I have no idea what to do in the dining area to coordinate with the TV area.

We will also be getting a new couch, color TBD.

Around the corner is a small home gym area.

Thank you!

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