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Want to see pictures of my mossy block garden on a foggy morning?

mama goose_gw zn6OH
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I live on a section of a former dairy farm. The 'old' barn/milk-house was destroyed long before we bought the property in 1994, but the poured concrete base remains. When I started cleaning up the old barn site all the concrete blocks and cinder blocks, along with a huge tree stump and a pile of dirt, had been pushed onto the poured concrete, and large pieces of concrete, which had been poured over large gravel, covered the pile of blocks and dirt.

I hauled most of the dirt and layers of leaf debris to my vegetable garden and broke up the large concrete pieces to use as rip-rap in my pond spillway. The blocks were stacked up like Lego pieces for stability, but I made no effort to make them level. Because brush and small trees (and poison ivy) had grown between the blocks, some were already covered in moss. I found other varieties of moss on my sister's property and in a friend's yard. Almost everywhere I went I asked for moss if I spied some, and everyone seemed happy to donate to the cause.

It kind of reminds me of an ancient ruin, but I couldn't resist adding a certain number of kitschy items and some solar lights. This is the concrete pad, cracked from seedlings pushing their roots into any available crevice, and sloped at the front for drainage. The stacked wood is from trees which were growing in cracks in the concrete.

More pictures in the next post.

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