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SOS exterior colors

last month

Bought this house last summer and have been working on the inside, now time to spruce up the exterior. I think the entire house needs to be painted, trying to convince the husband of this. At the very least the front and the trim will be painted. I like SW fawn brindle for the front clapboard, with a warm white trim for the entire house. My BIGGEST decision is whether to keep the shingles brown (wood-looking) on the remaining 3 sides with maybe a stain to blend the faded areas OR to paint the entire house the same color. After that I will also paint the decks but I don't need to finalize that color yet. We replaced most windows and the window trim won't change (old windows without trim will be trimmed out eventually with the same basic trim) and above the garage those windows look funny but I don't know what to do about them. I don't love shutters but I suppose we could on the front? The roof is staying..... :( ....I need a lot of help. please.

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