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Contractors connected bathroom fan to existing dryer duct. Is this ok?

Daniel Badra
last month

We hired a contractor to install ventilation in our bathroom. Since the dryer duct was not far, they linked the extractor with the existing duct and put a cap to seperate the air flow.
We turned on the dryer the other day and there was lots of condensation/droplets forming around the newly installed extractor in the bathroom. The contractor came and installed a second flap. But same problem when we turned on the dryer last night.
Note that I live in a condo and the association did not give approval to create an opening separately for the bathroom fan. That's why they used the dryer duct.
My questions:
1) A quick google search told me that joining the bathroom fan to the dryer duct is not to code. Is this true? (I live in Canada, Quebec). The contractor assured me that as long as they put a flap, its ok.
2) any other solutions I should be looking into? Maybe call an HVAC specialist?
Thank you!

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