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Gardenia help, zone 6, I'm a newby to the beautiful plant please help!

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I'm in NYC and just bought a Gardenia tree in memory of my grandmother that has passed recently. All of the gardening I've done was when I was a little girl so I can't remember much and my grandparents are no longer with me to teach me what I've forgotten but I'm hoping to change that and start a beautiful garden of my own now that im a bit older. My Gardenia is in a pot that I keep fully indoors at the moment because I was bringing it outside during the day with me and back inside at night, due to the temperatures going from anywhere between 65-95°F during the day then dropping between 60-50° at night right now, but the 2 blooms that I received from her turned yellow quite quickly. I've been trying to read up on it but I'm getting confused as to temperature tolerence. I read they love the south due to moisture and temperature but also that they do not like temperatures above 75° for it will cause them to lose there buds. I think the blooms are supposed to stay white for several weeks so I'm afraid for my beauty. I love how wonderful it makes my home smell but I want to do what's best for the plant not for me. Should I just keep it outside, continue to bring it inside and outside with me from day to night, keep it inside by a window like I am now? I have the A/C on inside at a steady 72° and she is placed by the front window which tends to get more sun in the evening than the morning. She has about 7 buds that have yet to bloom so far. I should also tell you that I must keep her in the pot becasue I have no where to plant it being my backyard is all concrete but am going to buy some Miracle Gro Miracid to feed her. What do I do to help her??

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