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Leaves go flat when I touch them.....

4 months ago

I go through this every year but never bothered to ask....

I suppose the answer is weaker cells in the leaves already ?

Every year around this time of the year, I -wade- through my sea of daffidols and plant annuals.

Prior to the planting, the leaves for the most part were VERT. Evan after a heavy rainfall, while some of them were slightly drooping against a adjacen't leaf, the foliage was vert.

When I'm done planting my annuals.......the leaves are now flat. Which is great regardless, as I kinda -flow- them so they are not sitting on the annuals as I continue to wait for leaf dieback. The leaves never have the vigor to stand straight after this planting event.

Is it due to weaker cells in the foliage already and just the mechanical action of me messing in this bed causes the permanent flop


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