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Trying to save a rescue phal orchid besieged by black spots!!

Ash W
last month
last modified: 14 days ago

My boyfriend brought home a really beat-up looking phalaenopsis from his nursery & greenhouse job. Started watering and set it up on an east-facing windowsill and was rewarded with a new shiny leaf and the beginnings of new growth from the cut back existing flower spike once it started to warm up. Learned I had completely been watering wrong after a youtube deep dive and purchased the needed supplies to re-pot armed with the new knowledge. Took me a while to get back to it, and now the beginnings of my new flower spike growth have shriveled up. Finally started the re-pot only to discover the bottom of the stem is black and some other black spots have appeared on the leaves & spike itself. I've cut back the most offending roots and given her a hydrogen peroxide spray (after some additional panicked youtube viewing) but I'm worried I should take more off. Any guidance is much appreciated!!

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