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Part Shade garden so far, any suggestions

I'm working on the small garden on the North side of my house.

I have two challenges:

1. the dryer vent blows here, which seems to have at least helped with the demise of one of my hostas :-(

2. the power meter and phone line connection is here, so I have to leave room for utility workers to get here if they need to.

I always assumed that it's full shade, but I've had Autumn Joy sedum and Mondo grass in there for 20 years that grows big and does well, so maybe it gets more sun than I thought! So I've expanded my options to include part shade and part sun plants; if they don't do well then I can always move them somewhere else.

Here's where I am so far. From the deck, looking Northeast (down a slope):

Starting at the top and walking down the slope (Northeast)...

Here you see a Nandina in the back. This was a new addition that I'm going to move soon, probably next week.

In front of the Nandina is a Camellia; the tag is still on it and I didn't write down the variety, sorry. The tag said 8' tall x 5' wide, but if it goes crazy then I can always trim it to keep it in check.

In front and slightly to the left is a Coleus annual, then in the bottom right is an Easter lily.

Next there's a fern in the back that MIGHT be a Dixie Wood Fern. There's another thread about it in the Fern subforum; it came up wild in my yard a few years ago and I moved it, since then it's grown to about 2' x 2'.

To the left of the fern is a hosta. Nestled in next to the hosta is a Carnival Plum Crazy coral bell.

In front of the hosta you can barely see a little green patch; that's another fern from another garden that MIGHT be a Japanese painted fern.

The red dot is another Coleus.

In front of the bigger Dixie Wood Fern is a Nova Zembla Rhododendron (should get to around 5' x 5').

To the left of that is a Rose Campion; I have a ton of these around the property. The yellow around it is a bit of Creeping Jenny that I accidentally brought with it. If it grows and starts to become a useful ground cover, cool... if not, cool :-)

In the pot I have an Elephant Ear, surrounded by more Coleus.

To the right of the pot is another Carnival Plum Crazy coral bell.

In front of the pot are two Canna Lilies (yellow, I think), and to the left is an Autumn Joy sedum.

In front of the cannas you see another Coleus, another Rose Campion, and to the left is a Purple Heart setcreasea.

Here you see the same Autumn Joy on the right. To the left of that is another Carnival Plum Crazy coral bell, then another hosta.

Next to the hosta is a larger Japanese painted fern (my favorite plant in all of my gardens, honestly).

I built a little rock wall under the hosta, then put a larger Carnival Plum Crazy coral bell next to the rocks.

Slightly above the coral bell is a small fern that I think is a Japanese Painted Fern.

I also added two Burgundy Glow ajuga plants.

And at the bottom left is another Rose Campion.

Next on my list is to remove the Mondo grass entirely, once I find somewhere else to put it all.

Then I might divide a Halcyon hosta from another section and put some of it against the walkway, maybe flanked with a Carnival Limeade coral bell (used in another garden, so why not?).

I've also planted cuttings of a Glossy Abelia bush and a Sunshine Ligustrum, so when they're bigger I might incorporate them against the wall and move the Elephant Ear pot.

And obviously, I know that things will grow, and I'll have to move some of those plants around in the future. That Dixie Wood Fern will probably be the first to be moved as the Camellia and Rhodo grow.

What else would you all suggest that I consider?

The flowers here are the Easter lilies (should bloom white in June or July) and the Canna lilies (probably bloom yellow in June or July, though I do have a few orange and red ones so either of those are possible). The rest of the color comes from leaves.

Eventually the Rhodo will bloom red, the Hydrangea will bloom pink, and I think that the Camellia will bloom pink but I'm not sure. Either way, those that won't happen for awhile yet.

Any suggestions? Since the Camellia and Rhodo are still babies, I'm open to using annuals to fill in temporarily :-)

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