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Lighting Help!! Kitchen / Dining Area Comments and Opinions Here!

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Hey All,

I think I've finally settled on a kitchen design that should flow well and serve our needs. I'm currently working on cabinet interiors (drawers, pullouts, shelves, etc.) What I'm sort of struggling with is lighting the kitchen. I can't seem to get a straight answer. I've feel like I've learned about everything from BR and Par bulbs to amps, watts, lumens, foot-candles and I'm still not 100% on some final questions. I'm working on another diagram to show the light count I'm considering but I'm wondering if I'm crazy because of the quantity of lights. Also, I'm having difficulty finding the luminesce and candella specs for bulbs that show exact foot candles at which heights and their appropriate diameters. Can someone provide guidance?? Here's what I have so far; 14 general recessed cans, dimmable, 3 pendant lights, 1 dining light, and one above sink light and undercabinet led lights. Questions Below.

  • Am I crazy off with these numbers?
  • Is roughly 100fc too much?
  • I have the cabinets and the island (on non-seating side) lined with lights right above the edge, is this sufficient?
  • The remaining lights are in the walkway centers (south and east walls), does this work?
  • I have recessed lights at 48" from the fridge front and 36" in front of the pantry. Does this work?
  • Cans are placed roughly 4' from another aside from the above about the pantry and the fridge

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