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I want to replace my Ventahood!

n k
last month

This is a cautionary tale.

I hate that I listened to people on the old Gardenweb forum and purchased my ventahood. It is the worst home purchase ever. It is loud, but most importantly, it collects so much grease and not in a good way. AND it is beyond impossible to clean. I had a Wolf hood in my last home and it wasn't great but it sure as hell wasn't as awful as this POS! I have lived with it for 9+ years and I am done.

Definitely test your hood in person and don't trust reviews. I am a home cook and I cook a lot. I use my hood at least twice/day. I don't fry chicken or anything egregious; I saute and cook relatively "clean" foods. It is truly astounding at how awful this ventahood is. Never again!

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