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Mail came - Might not need Cat Help - Update

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See new picture at the bottom of this post.

Pepper is the cat I'm talking about who was dumped here just over 4 years ago and she was about 5-6 months old, and in heat. Someone here actually chose the name Pepper. Anyone remember? Other than now, she's a sweetheart. A mama's girl.

She's the baby and has been an indoor cat since day one. She's been spayed & last night I finally figured out why she's being a major pest. Oh look, Pepper just came in my office and won't stop meowing!!! And the meowing is getting louder and louder.

Every April the adult and baby rabbits come out and boy did they breed over winter! We've never had this many rabbits before and we always get a lot. No matter what window she looks out of, there is a rabbit somewhere. The back yard is fenced in but they love to run and play on the other side which she can watch.

Only one of our cats, Raven the Tux, gets to go outside and play in the daytime and her curfew is several hours before nightfall. Pepper sees this.

The past two days whenever we open one of the outside doors she's the first one out. We have to go get her. Not only that, she will not stop meowing and running from room to room, window to window, as if she's in heat.

I can easily keep her from going out, but DH is another story. "I didn't see her...she's fast...I looked for her before I opened the door...(liar, lol)

This morning I put a fly swatter next to each outside door. Not for hitting, but to wave it really fast at her when I'm opening the door to go out. I take the swatter with me and lay it next to the door on the porch and do the same thing when I go inside. It works good. I explained this to DH, but it remains to be seen if he does it.

Pepper's petite, her fur is so soft, & has short legs, and is a feather weight. When she escaped the first couple of times after spaying & healed, she'd get freaked and hide in our driveway culvert which is next to the dirt road. Dangerous.

Any suggestions? Here's a picture I took last night which some of you may have seen in the lamp thread.

This is my kind of craft room and she's the only one who sleeps in it.

The two culprits. Another rainy day and Raven had to stay in.

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