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Help me find a similar couch/sofa please!

Laura Frutiger
last month

Hi Everyone! I have an odd request that I need help with!

I’m looking for a similar type couch/sofa to the one pictured in these photos below. The fabric doesn‘t matter-it’s the comfortable, over-sized, fat, pillow-type back cushions that I’m looking for.

I have chronic pain and the soft, yet supportive, over-sized, thick cushions on the back of this couch helped my pain so much, but the couch got accidental water-damage and we had to throw it out and I cannot find a similar style couch anywhere!

The 2nd picture here was taken after the water damage and the cushions got deflated but you can see in the 1st picture with me and my dad in it how fat, soft and yet supportive they were before!!

Technically, the couch was a sleeper sofa with a pull-out bed in it, but thats not a requirement.

Can anyone please help me? Im desperate!!!

The make/brand of the couch was ”Broyhill” and the pillow back cushions were semi-attached if that helps!!!

Thanks SO much for any help anyone can give me!!!!


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