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It's spring. What are you up to?

2 months ago

I presume we're all doing something with soil, compost or mulch.

In Maine, I can plant onions in April, when the ground "can be worked". After dusting with some wood ash, I put in about 100 onion plants on April 11th (the same day the loons arrived). After the first rain, and after the onions settled in, I mulched them with some not quite finished compost, because that's all I have. After ten days, I side dressed the onions with blood meal, and added a little more compost mulch, which was crawling, and I mean crawling, with worms. I've side-dressed the onions every ten days---once with alfalfa---and they're looking good. I'll probably mulch them once more. I've still got a ton of rock hard onions from last year's garden.

I've started adding blood meal to my beet row prior to planting and I had beautiful beets last year---the root not sacrificed to foliage, so I'm following the same program.

I started this so I could talk about my wood chip paths, but I'm tired now.

Anybody doing anything?

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