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Any Other Lamp-oholics Out There? Let’s Share our Beauties!

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My kids coined that term years ago and, yes, I admit to having a passion for unusual, beautiful, or just plain great lamps. So, I was wondering if you’d like to share some pics of your favorites? Here’s just a few of mine:

A Capodimonte that has been in my family at least 75 years. I keep in on my bedroom dresser. Oh, and that's a pic of my wonderful, late Mom and Dad.

And, another family heirloom, this one from France, I believe. This one is in our living room.

And this one I found in North Carolina when we were visiting family and buying furniture. This one is in our study library. Love it, as I am such a bird lover!

There’s many more, but I’d love to see some of yours. They don’t have to be expensive or antiques, just special to you!

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