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floor selection help

last month

I am doing an entire house remodel 3500 sq ft of flooring. The house is contemporary but he not been remodeled since the 80s. It is on a hill in the woods so while it has lots of windows it stays relatively dark. Right now there are gray walls and dark floors - it is like living in a cave. I am love the Scandinavian look light warm wood, minimal, simple lines, lots of plants. I have been agonizing over floor choice. I wanted hardwood but we have three soccer kids, two dogs and a pool so I am leaning LVP. The main living area is an open area about 45x25. I am worried about a plastic look or repeating patterns being noticeable.

Here are my current favorites
Provenza Spring Fever - slightly worried about greenish tint and not being able to see any real installed photos
Coretec Calypso- love the color, wish the planks were longer, not sure if the cross cut marks are too rustic
Flooret Soho- maybe too yellow/light. I think 9” is too wide for me, again wish the 6” came with better wear and longer planks, am leaning toward the 3 1/2 but think it might be too narrow
Coretec Hayes - too light/gray
Provenza Sweet Talker- dark boards in mix are too dark

Any pics or help would be SOO appreciated! Obviously with the price of everything now this is going to be a big investment. Installers are ready for me to decide and I am stuck.

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