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Drainage Solution?

Suzanne Melton
last month

We are going to have a problem with drainage from one of the downspouts in the back of the house. This downspout used to be attached to a 3" 10-foot pipe that was buried toward the front of the garage. The water would just empty under the driveway.

This summer, we're going to have the driveway blacktopped. The blacktop will extend to the corner of the garage (just to the right of the sconce). The pipe under the ground in front of the garage has been removed.

The Problem:

The garage slab was laid about six inches higher than the bottom of the house skirting. The blacktop contractor will create a "shoulder" along the edge to keep rain from slopping over the driveway into the skirting.

We need to contain the water from the back downspout so that it doesn't seep under the skirting.

Our Solution:

The plan is to dig a 10-12" deep trench from the back and lay a 4" plastic, non-perforated pipe at a slight downward angle which ends at a dry well. The back downspout will connect to the pipe.

When everything is in place, we'll cover the pipe and dry well. This area will be at the same height as the bottom of the skirting. The blacktop will be about six inches higher at the garage but then slopes down.


1. Is our plan the best way to contain the rainwater?

2. When everything is done, how would you landscape the strip next to the skirting? Not interested in grass, flowers, bark, or shrubs. We'd occasionally open the gate and walk from the front yard into the back yard so maybe a low ground cover to keep dirt from splashing onto the exterior? I think we'll also have to create some sort of step at the gate.

Notes: Garage downspouts empty at the rear of the garage. Gutter at the front of the house empties into a rain chain and a dry well about 20 feet to the right of this photo. They are not a problem.

Thank you for any advice or opinion...

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