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Any cons for lowering subfloor for installing Cortec Grande vinyl

last month

We plan to replace our current tile flooring with Cortec Grande vinyl planks that are 5/8" thick. The installer is talking about lowering our subfloor (total 503 sq ft) on the main level which includes the kitchen, dining, entrance and another room. I am wondering if this is a smart idea in regards to floor stability or are there any other cons I'm not aware of. Two reasons for doing it are: we just had quartz countertops installed in the kitchen & the height of the countertops is a lot lower than the laminate was so now the lips on either side of the electric range that should rest on the countertops are too low by 7/16" & the feet on the range can't be adjust further (see photo below). Also, our under-the-cabinet dishwasher is resting on plywood - not tile and at its lowest setting we can't remove it because the tile is too thick in front of it. Yes, we did the tile ourselves (poorly) & didn't consider some issues.

The installation instructions for the vinyl flooring say the subfloor should be 3/16" in 10'. Am I right in thinking they will cut around the kitchen cabinets - is that a stable idea for the flooring? Currently, the subfloor is 7/8" thick (not quite an inch) & plywood underlayment is 3/16" (all together with the tile/backer board the total height right now is 1 3/4" thick). What are your thoughts on doing this & what recommendations for subfloor height would you recommend? Am I right in thinking they will not use an underlayment with the vinyl since its incorporated into the Grande? Does anyone have a ball park cost for changing roughly 500 sq ft of subfloor? Thank you so much for your feedback!

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