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Roses at 2022 'A celebration of Old Roses'

2 years ago

I take notes when I visit this event so I have at hand roses I wish to purchase when available as well as the most fragrant rose displayed, and the most beautiful. There was a vase in the center of the event with a vase filled with the largest blooms of Mrs. Dudley Cross I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few and also, I grow Mrs. Dudley Cross and I love how many blooms she produces and yet the size of Mrs. D.C. r astounded me. the roses were gigantic compared to mine. How does one get a Tea class rose to produce such huge blooms?

My own plant is c. 12 years old, from and the roses it produces are mid-sized, closer to 3 inches across, versus 4 and 1/2 inches plus. These huge roses had a sillouette that reminded me of Regale lilies.

Mysterious rose;

-I bought a bouquet and am trying to propagate from it, because two of the white roses were among the 5 most fragrant at the event.

'white, but with a tingle of deep pink along the edges of 2 or 3 of the petals per bloom, such a winsome and utterly charming rose... altogether delightful.

The petals were large.

-Petal count: 5 petals and 2-3 petaloids which still allowed one to appreciate the central golden boss.

richly scented of musk and clove. I'd rate it 9 out of 10 for intensity of scent.

My first thought was 'Noisette' ?

Any thoughts of what it may be?

The permit came at the last minute, I was told, which may have been why only two rose vendors were there to sell their lovelies.

I had a wonderful time. I bought a Gruss an Coburg' to add more color to my garden. It will be near 'Lemon Spice' with a row of purple Bee lavender (a,k.a. Soanish lavender) in front. Surrounding the perimeter are the Tea roses I've collected over the years, and Tea-Noisettes.

Thank you to all, especially Karen Osborne, who saw that the Celebration of Old Roses happened this year.


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