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Any advice windows leaking from top?

Admiral Tacoman
last month

Hello friends. I have a home built in the mid 80s. We have a problem where with straight line winds and heavy rain, water is busting through the caulk from the top of our windows on a single wall, causing the window to leak from the top. This was happening before and after we did replacement windows. We replaced the windows in the entire house because they needed replacement and the property disclosure when we bought said "windows" (lol) - but the problem persists.

We have brick veneer. It appears there is no house wrap, but a thick hard shell plastic barrier between wood and brick. We believe the water is penetrating the brick somehow and getting into the wall, and there is a flashing issue. I am told you do not flash replacement windows. I have been in the attic, we have a new roof and there are no roof leaks. There is a gable vent. The vent may be a source of water entry. The brick itself is also obviously porous and saturates in the rain. There is no house wrap - just a thick plastic thing between the house and the veneer

Last year I had a brick person tuckpoint and seal the sill on the window above the window that leaks. And it seemed to work for a while. (the leaky windows are 2 on the first floor, 2 on the 2nd floor above each other). But then last month we had a very aggressive rain, and the original window on the 1st floor leaked, AND one of the top floor windows leaked!

What's the play here? Sell it?

Here are the 4 windows leaking:

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