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My First Daylilies to Bloom for 2022

10 months ago

These are the first daylilies blooming here. Three are new ones that I received in April and one is a second year seedling. My established daylilies won't start blooming for a week or two.

Extravagant Love - This one lost most of its buds in the wild temperature swings.

Lavender Dandelion has also lost buds because of cats breaking them off.

Aunt Patsy won't live here long term. It's one of those flowers that begins to open days before it actually blooms. In my dewy climate that means it will always have splotchy sepals. I'll keep it a couple of years to hybridize with and then sell it.

This second-year seedling scaped much earlier than anything else of my established plants. It's a cross between a Gypsy Cats seedling and Rip Saw.


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