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Floriferous, compact rose for the hot, dry climate of Phoenix, AZ?

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I’m looking for a rose that will thrive in the low desert. I’ve found a lot of information online, but all of the recommendations I’ve found for my area are at least 8 years old; I’d love to get more current recommendations on the following...

I’m looking to plant roses in a mixed bed along with various perennials, succulents, and grasses, so I’m going for looks over fragrance here (although fragrance would be wonderful too). In order, my priorities are:

1. Continual blooming with LOTS of blooms over a long cycle;

2. Mounding, well-balanced growth habit (i.e. I hope it will be a pretty shrub even without flowers);

3. Jewel tone blooms, esp purple, fuchsia/magenta, red, or even yellow, that maintain color in the summer sun;

4. Compact size, ideally 2-3 ft tall and wide; and

5. Cupped or fully double blooms — the bigger the better!

And of course, fragrance would be a huge plus, but it’s not strictly necessary…although it’d be awesome. :)

If you have any recommendations for roses that might fit the bill in a hot, dry climate, I would be so grateful to read them. Thank you!

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