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Larson Scenix Windows for our Porch Upgrade in South Carolina

Tom F
last month
last modified: last month

Porch was 15 years old and showing signs of wear. Screen openings were narrow. Door was starting to fall apart and we did not need doggy door.

Bought a Larson Tradewinds High View door and Larson Scenix Windows from Lowes. My wife and I installed the windows. I took out the middle column and opened up the window openings so we had three large windows across the back and two across the side on either side of the new door. I built a transom window on top of the new door since the old door was a custom size.

I had carpentry to do to open things up. But once all was ready the windows took about an hour each for my wife and I to put in.

Catio was a winter project and seems like the cats are enjoying the porch as much as us these days! :)

Love the Larson Scenix Windows and Larson Tradewinds door. Would do it all over again in a minute.