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Could this be damping off or root knot nematode? What to do?

last month

Hi. First of all, the orange/brown dusting at the base is just cinnamon. I had read on another forum that it kept ants (and subsequently aphids) away, it hasn't worked.

If you look at the base of my okra, it has gone thin and brown. You can't tell in the photo, but the plant was on its side. It was healthy and robust until today. I increased waterings on Saturday to twice a day for 25 minutes from once a day because my soil was dry. It's a soaker hose system on a timer.

My other okra plant was upright but had a similar base (brown and thin). I assumed it was from overwatering and build compost mounds up to the first leaves for both plants.

I've been reading up on potential causes however, and what I've found worries me because the okra shares a bed with several pepper plants and I don't want them to be compromised.

I'm looking to know:

1. What this is?

2. Should I leave the plants to see if they make it? OR Should I remove them to ensure they don't impact my other plants?

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