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New granite countertops are not smooth

last month

We recently had some countertops installed, bought through a big box store, with labor farmed out to a local contractor. I don't recall the exact installation date, but it was late March.

We have some pretty significant pitting and chunks missing from the stone. We noticed the stone was not very smooth pretty shortly after installation, but other circumstances kind of prevented it from being at the forefront of our minds (I had to finish getting the kitchen put back together and my sister had passed away a few weeks prior and we had continuing obligations around that).

A few weeks ago, we encountered a small red stain in the countertop. This alarmed us, along with the significant pitting that guests were now noticing and pointing out, so we had the big box send out the contracting company to ensure everything was ok. Their response was "this is normal and really not bad compared to other stones" with regards to the pitting and that the sealer was not bulletproof, so things could get through and stain anyway.

This just doesn't really make sense to me. I have never encountered stone countertops so unsmooth, and my parents have had white stone countertops for a decade or so (and never re-sealed, AFAIK) and have never had a stain, and we got one in a couple weeks of ownership?

At this point I am just looking for anyone else that has had experience with this stone to see how normal it is (knowing that no two stones are the same, etc).

The color we is "SF Real," but my understanding is that "Moon White" and "Dallas White" are the same stone.

Here are some pictures of what we have going on.

This is a large chunk missing.

This is the stain

Shot of the texture. You can feel all of those ridges easily.

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