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Quartz backsplash with regular gas cooktop

2 years ago

Hello! I have seen a ton of questions asking about quartz backsplash with professional ranges/range cooktops. The answer was to check the specs, which usually indicated that a 12 inch stainless steel guard was required with those types of appliances. There was also a lot of discussion that if installed correctly, any backsplashes could be used.

My question however, is a little different - I am looking at a regular gas range cooktop. No where in the instructions do I see anything about clearance from the back wall like I do the range cooktops. I am leaning toward a quartz backsplash with these facts. Before I make a costly mistake, can anyone let me know if there is something I am missing that would make it unadvisable to use quartz behind a regular gas cooktop? For more details, it's a Kitchenaid 36 inch cooktop, model #KCGS556ESS.

Thanks for all of your help!

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