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Need help planting bareroot hosta

Hi all,

I've ordered a Magic Island hosta on sale at Breck's as it's supposed to be slug resistant. It comes as a #1 Bareroot Plant according to Breck’s & I've saved directions about soaking for 1 hr, spreading out the roots over a little mound & planting the crown even with the surface or very slightly above. Confusing, even or slightly above?

Stained Glass grew well for me & I liked it but so did the slugs/snails in my wet climate.

Breck's says Magic Island grows to a height of about 12 inches (about 30cm). I have fewer snails/slugs if I use elevated pots on my concrete patio where there are different degrees of shade available. I've been reading about a 2L pot for Magic Island which I guess is what we call an 8 inch pot, right? Is the 8 inch pot good for planting the bareroot? Eventually do I "pot on" as I do with flowers? Any idea what the largest size pot is that I might need for the mature plant? Know conditions help determine growth.

I've used Sluggo but the little balls turn fuzzy in my wet climate. I'm working on using sourdough starter w/ the yeast attracting the snails/slugs to be drowned just like The Beer Thing that some people use. Thx for any & all help!

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