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warning - icky q ... how to deal w dead small lizard?


here is today's weirdo question. A small lizard has passed away, and I don't know what to do with its little body. (We didn't do it! It looked like natural causes, I think. He was under a bin. He did not look smooshed.)

The state website says something about digging a 4 foot deep hole, which I am not able to do. But I could do something shallower. (Actually a small hole seems the most dignified.)

What I'd really like to do is just ignore the whole thing, but that isn't very nice for the neighbors, plus it feels wrong vis-a-vis the lizard. (He's quite lovely, he has little blue spots.)

I could also probably manage to put his body in a little plastic bag and throw it away.

Anyhow, does any of this matter - are there environmental consequences of some sort? I don't think anything wants to eat it, bc it has been sitting out a couple hours already. (Yeah, I know ... not ideal.)

Your input is appreciated. Eeeesh. Thanks for listening. I already googled ... didn't get much.

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