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Rehab suggestions?

Ben D (zone 7b)
last month

One of my hostas was damaged by something (voles?) over the winter. They didn't get the entire plant, though. Here's how it looks today:

The part on the right is smaller than it should be, but looks well on the way to recovery. The part on the left consists of about 10 small eyes, densely packed.

What might be the best way to nurse this plant back to full size? Just leave it alone? Remove the small parts on the left? Thin out the small parts?

Here's a closer view, from the other side:

The hosta is Sea Monster, planted last spring as a multi-eye division from a mature plant. I still have the parent plant, which is doing well. So another option could be to throw out the damaged plant entirely and take a new division from the parent; that seems extreme, though.

Further propagation is not a motivation for dividing up those small bits.

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