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How to be popular in your neighborhood (plant flowering trees)

l pinkmountain
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So if you WANT neighbors to stop and chat and enjoy your property, one good suggestion is to plant an allée of flowering trees. This year they pulled off the rare feat of all blooming together. LR if you're interested: White flowering dogwood, Jane Platt star magnolia, and Prairie Fire crabapple. You can kind of make out three of the four oaks in the background that give my cottage "Four Oaks" its name.

I am hoping this year to finally incorporate all three into one mulched island bed. Kind of fantasizing now about what to underplant them with. There's space between for two classic snowball viburnums, but they are so structural I can't imagine underplanting around them with spring bulbs and shady groundcovers, which would also be a good look. It's just that along the driveway between these small trees is the only perfect spot for a big ol' snowball bush . . . I'm torn. I grew up with one in our front yard. Pretty much are a one trick pony as landscape features go, but a wonderful pony it is!! I can't seem to figure out what is the best old fashioned cultivar. Anyone know? I need scientific names . . .

Or should I do colorful spring bulbs like tulips and then shady groundcovers? Overall that would fit in more with my landscaping style which I would describe as "British cottage" but eclectic with influences of permaculture, native habitat and edible landscaping sensibilities. I have one secret spot behind the arborvitae in the background near the house, for a holdout dwarf hydrangea if I have to compromise.

I'm so torn!! Both would look good but total opposite vibes . . .

Don't hate up on me for all the lawn. Much of that is the septic mound and the edges are in the works to be re-landscaped but I can only get so much done every year. The lawn is organic at least . . . I have a more natural riparian area in the back . . .

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