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I have no taste! Need help to improve house's exterior appearance!

Barbara Wagers
8 months ago

Hello! I learned long ago that I have no taste, so I would greatly appreciate your help. We are in a house that we expect to be in for life because of its great location. But the exterior really needs help.

We just this week had all our overgrown foundation shrubs pulled up, and we will soon start on a great looking landscape plan developed by a professional. The vines that are currently on the house will also be removed once we re-landscape.

We need to get a new roof, and I am thinking I would like to go with a gray color. I've finally talked my husband into painting the brick on our house. I think this will be a great move, but I am not sure of the colors to use. I am thinking of gray, but am not sure whether I should use one shade on the top area and another on the bottom (brick) area, or the same color on both, or a completely different color, or just what.

Our windows are relatively new and they are an almond color. I guess they could be painted, if necessary, but am hoping they can remain the current almond color.

Our very narrow windows are what I dislike most about the exterior. We have considered having these windows enlarged and replaced; given limitations on the interior, they could be made about 17" longer than they currently are. This is an expensive idea though, but it is a possibility, if necessary.

I would like to be able to add shutters on the front windows, but don't see how I can do it, given the positions of the windows since the two outside windows on both sides butt up against the end.

I would be SO appreciative of any advice you can give as to how I can change my house's appearance without spending a fortune for a major renovation - would prefer to stick to a new roof color and painting the brick as the major items, if possible. Thank you in advance!

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