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Stain for Red Oak Floor - Medium Brown, No Pink

last month

I’ve been eyeballs deep on the internet these last few months trying to find the right stain for my red oak floors. I wanted a medium brown that showed the character of the wood and helped hide the red-pink tones from the red oak. I tested 5 stains on the floor based on my research - Aged Barrel, Jacobean, Jacobean/Classic Gray mix, Jacobean/Ebony mix and Dark walnut/Ebony mix. I posted those samples on another post to maybe help others. None of those hit exactly the right chord for me - but the Jacobean/Ebony and Dark Walnut/Ebony were close. The Jacobean mix fell just a tad cold/flat for me and the Dark Walnut mix fell just a tad too red-tone. The flooring guy put one coat of just Ebony down and that was it! Given how frustrating the search for the right stain is, I thought I’d share to maybe help others searching for the same. These pics are just one coat of Duraseal Ebony, no finish yet, looking through my windows. I’ll post more at the end of the week after the finish goes on and I can get in the house to take pics. I hope this helps someone else!

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