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Small scabs on dog

last year

My 5 year old Chi-Peke Mix suddenly developed a couple of tiny scabs a few days ago. I was afraid they could be very small ticks, but couldn’t see them well enough to deal with them, so I took her to the vet to have it looked at. A vet tech said they weren’t ticks, just scabs, possibly from scratching, and to just keep an eye on them for signs of infection.

She doesn’t scratch much, not even every day, just an occasional itch, and the scabs are tiny, not what I would expect from irritation from scratching. Since then, two more have appeared. She has one on top of her head, two behind her ear, and one inside her thigh. I looked at one under a magnifying glass, and it is a scab, not a tick or other parasite as far as I can tell. No redness, though she does seem to be aware of them. The one on top of her head bled a bit when I rubbed it to see if it was a tick.

There doesn’t seem to be any extended rash or irritation around them as in the photos I’ve seen of folliculitis, but maybe it presents in this way as well?

Any ideas? I may go back and ask to see the Dr. instead of a tech.

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