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Window shade measuring

last year

I ordered 8 vinyl window shades online about 2 months ago. I measured the opening carefully, at the top of the window, for an inside mount. This is not my first rodeo, I’ve been buying and installing shades and blinds for 50 years in 8 different homes.

When the shades came in, they were too narrow to install. The pins did not even reach far enough into the brackets to stay on the window. I was able to install a couple of them by putting two washers behind each bracket and slightly bending them inward, but then I got disgusted and called customer service to complain.

After providing them with additional measurements, photos of the measuring tape against the shades, explanations of how they don’t fit, and assurances that I checked, and triple checked, they are telling me that the manufacturer claims they deducted the correct amount from the shades and there is nothing wrong with them.

I had them escalate my complaint, but have not heard back in over a week from them on the most recent round of photos and facts. I’m starting to get angry.

The shades they sent me for openings 35.25 inches wide are 1/2 inch or more narrower. Others are similarly short in various amounts. They insist they should fit.

This is what the flat pin on the left looks like when the round pin on the right is inserted in the bracket. Yet they are insisting there is nothing wrong with them. I feel like I’ve stepped into the twilight zone. Am I missing something? TIA

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