Pantry mistake--help? SOLVED!

9 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

Hi Houzzers, I've been lurking as I re-did my kitchen, benefiting from all your knowledge.But now I need help. My cabinets came this week and were installed. I have made a mistake.My pantry area is a 21 inch wide space, 24 inches deep. We have drawers below, a coffee nook at counter height, and a cabinet above. The upper cabinet has roll out shelves. Fine in paper.In reality, the upper room out shelves are virtually unusable because the doors block access from the side.I need solutions.I'm resigned to spending money, even up to full replacement of this cabinetry column. But i don't want to make another expensive mistake.Should I go full height pantry pull out? Is there a reasonable way to save the lower drawer unit?Photos of the area in question in comments. I cannot seem to attach them here

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