unique privacy screen - green giant or variety?

13 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

Hi! We have a large building behind our new home that we'd like to screen out. I don't want to run an entire line of arborvitae across the entire property and was hoping to follow some posts I've seen about mixing in varieties of evergreens and deciduous trees in layers. My original ideas was below. Nellie Stevens, green giant, emerald arborvitae, hinoki, in back with a mix of shrubs in front. Back row planted about 10 ft apart so they can grow tall.

Went to the nursery and the worker said I should just do green giants and plant them 4-5 ft apart because if high water table and that back part of our property gets quite wet in spring and with heavy rains.

I'm not in a huge rush. I'd like to have some screening within 3-4 years and quite screened in 10 years.

Worries a row of arborvitae over there will look weird because we don't have a row across the rest of the yard. zone 6b/7a.


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