Can I inject herbicide (Weedbgon) into wild violet roots?

Ivan Turbinca
13 days ago

I am trying to complete eradicate the wild violets from my lawn

The soil seems to be a little sandy when it gets dry so they seem to like it a lot

2Y ago I had to completely remove the lawn in order to get rid of them

I did a pretty good job but they are still popping up here and there

Weedbgone dones not seem to hurt them more than temporarily

It seems to me that the herbicide does not get to the roots and kill the plant as it should

Given their relative small number I am considering injecting them one by one to make sure they do not come back. I usually remove them after the rain when the soil is wet and I can stick my finger in and dig the roots out but I do not always succeed so next year they come back

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