Placement of Lighting over kitchen island

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

We are in the process of building a new home. My draftsman didnt change my kitchen placement when I asked him and said the cabinet maker would arrange the cabinets when he designed them. I’m aware now, that I should have used an architect. So I added some cabinets on one side of the kitchen and had to move the island down due to meet code. This caused the main sink in the center of the island to not line up with the stove. Ater much thought and reading an architects article, I decided to move my sink down to one end of the island to line the sink and stove up. I think I can live with this and it actually gives me more undivided prep space. My only dilemma us where to place lighting. should I do three pendants, one large light centered, or two pendants one at each end of the island?

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