Birdbath planter, revisited; suggestions for plants with shallow roots

My MIL knew how much I loved my cool cement birdbath that I'd converted to a succulent garden, so she bought me another birdbath. This one is plastic, but does have some interesting shapes to it.

There's a plate of some sort at the bottom that's about 1 1/2" deep:

And the bird bath itself is about 3" deep:

I'm thinking of taking the top off (the part that looks like a lighthouse), then sitting a pot on there instead with some sort of flower or grass.

Then drilling drain holes in the birdbath and that bottom plate, and plant something in the birdbath that hangs over. Something like a Creeping Jenny, maybe? Or Lantana?

And then maybe petunias or vinca in that bottom tray, since they have relatively shallow roots. Or maybe strawberries.

Thoughts and suggestions?

I'm OK with annuals here, I know my options are going to be pretty limited. And I don't really want to do a second succulent garden, this one will be a little farther from the main gardens so I need bigger colors to be seen from a distance.

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