Hardwood floor issues

10 days ago

We recently closed on a new build house. Prior to the walk-through, at the walk-through, and at closing, we noted various issues with the hardwood floors. We were told the issues would be taken care of. When we did not hear from anyone from the flooring company a week after the closing, we called and asked for a meeting with the builder and the flooring company. Issues with the floor include all sorts of debris under the clear coat including tape marks, rocks, grit, seeds (or something), and even a piece of metal sticking up. Additionally, there are numerous unfilled nail holes and some that are filled with wood putty. The wood putty was put into some of the gouged-out places on boards and in some of the nail holes. The wood putty left oily, shiny marks on the floor that do not some off. There are tape marks are under the clear coat, so there is nothing that can be done to remove them. The builder and hardwood company said they had never seen this happen before and were not sure what to do. Some of the options offered were to 1) put carpets down and cover it, 2) screen and coat, 3) sand and recoat the floors. A few days after the meeting, a person that works for the builder showed up at the house with an estimate and a $1500 check. They said we could get other estimates but they would take the lowest. Of course, that will be the hardwood that messed up the floor to begin with. We were encouraged wot accept the $1500 check and they would also cover the screen and coat. We are not interested in the money. We want floors that look new and to make sure they are done correctly. Can anyone please give me some advice on sanding and recoating or screen and coat. Sounds like choosing the screen and coat is a one and done deal and if it does not take the tape marks out or the oil marks, that's it-no other chances to make it right. I've included a few pictures, though there are so many. Thanks.

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