Another subtle detail (added picture)

14 days ago
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My house was originally designed with a lot of non standard details, some of which were dropped, some of which were taken as a suggestion for something that would get cobbled together. The budgets were always on the lower end. Each of the four houses had some different variation of this banister, cobbled out of 2x6, a half round, and clamshell moulding. It was just kind or nailed together so it was not that strong and did not have much "integrity" as a object. The joints kept opening and it was wobbly, it had inexact mitering.

I liked the idea of it, but the execution of it was terrible. So I designed something that was a better version.

This is the original 2x6 topped by clamshell and a half round.

This doesn't have the final paint on the lower part. It's still not code compliant because it is open to the 7th riser and anything over the third riser would need to be enclosed. We could put plexiglas in if necessary. It has a separate handrail now on the inner side, although this is also graspable unlike the original.

This was fabricated by a guy that makes radius mouldings.

Most people who have been in the house will never notice the difference.

Here is the stairs side of the banister.

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