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Need ID on very old mystery rose in my garden

10 months ago

So, I have 2 plants of this rose. One is under/intermingled with a flowering crab apple tree, a very large Japanese quince bush, several pittosporum bushes, and incidental privet. This bush has been there since we moved in 30+ years ago, and was undoubtedly planted by my DH's grandparents or great grandparents. Because no one would plant a rose in that kind of tangle (I don't even think it would have been possible), we are presuming the rose was there first (its one base cane is almost exactly on the property line) and has survived all of that shade. Our best guess is it was planted at least 75-95 years ago.

The other bush is a rooted cutting of the first one, which I rooted myself and planted in full sun 10ish years ago. It grew into a smallish bush about 3 ft tall, and when I looked at it, all of the blooms opened pink. Frankly, I was very disappointed, because the old plant had buff colored blooms. I thought at first the color was different because of shade/no shade, but have come to the conclusion, after paying better attention, that it is just a matter of time - they change color as they age. I subsequently planted Le Vesuve and Lady Roberts on either side of it, and they quickly overwhelmed it. When I went to look for it recently, I had trouble finding it - it was under their foliage, with only one or two of its canes poking up into the sunlight.

I don't look at the oldest one much - it only blooms in the Spring, and is sometimes hard to find - I have to walk down our neighbor's driveway, and stare up into the top of the tree to see if I can see any blooms.

I had posted another thread on here, saying what rose I thought it was, but I was quickly dissuaded from that idea by Paul Bardon, who said it was obviously a tea rose of some kind (YAY!). So, I took some more pictures, which are below. I also got my DH to dig up the newer bush of it for me, and we have planted it in our new garden in full sun. I can't wait to see what it does with more light and some space to itself. I believe it is a repeat bloomer with adequate light.

The most interesting thing about it (I think I have finally figured out what its blooms are doing re color) is that its blooms start as medium pink buds, open as 100% light pink blooms, and then turn goldish, and end up buff. Very very double and lovely.

It may not be 100% tea, as it does have a light, sweet fruity fragrance, at least on some blooms.

I would really like to figure out who it is. I have put pictures of the leaves, prickles, and blooms of various ages and colors below. I would appreciate it if anyone who has any thoughts about who it might be would share those on here. I have also put a photo I took yesterday of the second bush re-planted in our new garden. The next time it blooms I will post pictures on here.

Thanks for all of your help, as usual. Paul, I am particularly hoping to hear your thoughts.


Leaves: (mostly 5, but I did find a couple of places which had 5 + 2 very little ones near the cane)

more leaves:

Blooms - small just opened pink, more open with still some pink petals in the middle, goldish:

I will put more bloom pictures in Comments - want to post this before I lose it!

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