Opinions on this wood-look tile next to my vinyl plank?

Lindsay K
14 days ago
last modified: 14 days ago

I know you’re not supposed to do this. I’m just having a tough time finding a tile that I like to go next to this LVP floor (bottom floor in this picture). I think this one looks fine even though it’s fake wood next to fake wood, but am curious what y’all think. The tile is only 2’ long, compared to the vinyl planks which are 4’ long. So they will look different.

*Background on why I’m replacing the floor. We had a pipe break which flooded three rooms. The flood restoration company pulled up the LVP and threw it away. It’s no longer made, so cannot be matched. I will be doing hardwood in some of the other rooms if budget allows, but would like the wet rooms to be tile and I’m just not loving any other tile I’m seeing. I know everyone likes all the floors to be the same now, but after this I would prefer not to have wood in the wet areas. This is the second house we’ve had a slab leak and it was MUCH easier to deal with and much less expensive in our last house where we just had tile in all the wet areas. I’d prefer not to have tile in every single room though.

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