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Treatments for White Flies and aphids

LA Don (So Cal 10b)
9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Good morning all!

I am having issues with white flies and aphids on my tomato plants for the first time growing in 20 years and would love your input on treatment. I started noticing them on a couple of plants and now they have spread to many plants in my garden. I started treating them with neem spray very early when I first started noticing them, but I kept seeing them return, particularly on the under side of the leaves where it is difficult to spray. I try spraying the under side of all the leaves, but that's often hard, particularly with the lower leaves. I lost one plant already where the whiteflies just killed the plant. I recently switched from spraying with neem and dish soap, to a product from Dr Earth called Final Stop. Final Stop seems to be more effective so far, but not completely effective as every few days I see them return. Final stop seems to be a good product and its OMRI certified, which is important to me. But I also noticed that after spraying that the leaves became very brittle.

Has anyone here had experience with treating white flies and aphids? What have you used successfully? Has anyone used Final Stop and have you experienced the brittle leaf thing?

Any additional feedback would be extremely helpful.

Thanks very much!


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